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    For its third edition, New York event Wanted Design comes back bigger and more unifying than ever. Yookô, for which the United States is the third largest audience source, this year joins with enthusiasm this major Off of the ICFF.

    A meeting with Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, the dynamic instigators of Wanted Design…

    #1 Those who have experienced the first two editions of Wanted Design are struck by the singular spirit of this event. What gives Wanted Design this unique appeal according to you?

    Wanted Design is first and foremost a rich and exciting adventure, where we try to replace the human at the heart of things. We have a « one by one » way of working, a proper partnership with all stakeholders in order to create a truly « custom made » event, which in the end brings out a very special energy.

    3ème Edition de Wanted Design New-York / salon / Exposition / Lampe Booi de Cathrine Baekken pour Standard Socket / Yooko

    #2 International design has a prominent place at your event. Why this approach?

    Indeed, beyond North America, Europe but also Latin America will be very present at this edition.

    3ème Edition de Wanted Design New-York / salon / Exposition / Chaise Corocito par Fabrica - Guatemala / Yooko

    We are both of French origin, and today we strongly feel New York’s potential to become the hub of a multicultural, experimental and innovative design…

    3ème Edition de Wanted Design New-York / salon / Exposition / Contenants Lift par Neal Feay Studio / Yooko

    In this context, Wanted Design aims to always attract more foreign visitors, by being a platform that best reflects what is happening in the Americas, with an added touch of European design.

    3ème Edition de Wanted Design New-York / salon / Exposition / Buffet Illusion par Luis Pons D-Lab / Yooko

    #3 What are the novelties and highlights of this 2013 session?

    We focused our efforts on « the Americas »… There will be a nice « Made in USA » presence, with established companies, such as DWR which supports young emerging designers and editors. There will also be a lovely representation of Latin America with companies from Chile, Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador, and even a group exhibition from Puerto Rico. Brazil will also be present with a new edition of Fresh From Brasil.


    3ème Edition de Wanted Design New-York / salon / Exposition / Vase en verre de Jacqueline Terpins / Yooko

    3ème Edition de Wanted Design New-York / salon / Exposition / Assise de Gustavo Utrabo / Yooko

    We are also very happy to welcome a selection of young Quebecker talents with From Quebec, which Claire started 3 years ago in New York.

    Finally, with the « Launch Pad », the 2013 edition of Wanted Design acquires a new space which, as its name suggests, brings together designers looking for manufacturers and presenting one or more prototypes.


    3ème Edition de Wanted Design New-York / salon / Exposition / Tre collection par Tyler Russell / Yooko

    #4 What are the specificities of the design market in the United States?

    It’s a huge country! You’ve got to think big: efficiency, productivity, logistics…

    #5 What advice would you give to a company that wishes to tackle the U.S. market?

    To spend time on-the-spot first, in order to understand the market and then appreciate it. To prepare accordingly and be able to afford to take it on. Also be ready to follow the U.S. pace!

    #6 Finally, can you recommend a few good places on-the-spot: restaurants, bars, hotels?

    The Americano Hotel (Read the article), Bakehouse or the Bowery Hotel… But also some excellent addresses in Brooklyn to discover New York differently, like the Wythe Hotel, Blanca, Momo Sushi Shack or Farmacy and Moto…



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